We are ICMDirect

We specialise in data collection and development of bespoke real-time data solutions for the market research industry

We are ICMDirect
Quality data in real-time

Insight that drives business decisions starts with the collection of rich and robust data; and only when it satisfies both these conditions can it be acted upon with confidence.

We're creative

From telephone and online data collection, to customised reporting and voice of the customer programmes - we've done it all.

We're ingenious

Whilst technology may come out of a box, the thinking that comes with it is often unlimited in scope. 

We're rigorous

Internationally recognised & auditable; our quality and security standards mean a reliable and stringent process is behind every project.

We're trusted

Our values of rigour, commitment and honesty underpin every single project.Our returning clients are evidence of our success.

We're winners!

In September 2016 we won the award for ‘Best Data Collection Online’ at the Market Research Society Operations Awards. Having also won two MRS Operations awards in 2015, makes us the most decorated operational market research agency.

What We Do
Our Capabilities

One technology platform, a multitude of opportunities.


There is always something new...

All projects are mobile and tablet optimised to get maximum uptake from folks on the go. Our engaging survey design is as customisable as our flexible launch times.
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This is Bedford calling...

Our experienced and efficient web-enabled call centre conducts everything from fast turnaround polling to niche market and C-Suite data collection.
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Read all about it...

We use leading-edge technology to deliver nimble, faster reporting. Our in-house creative design and practical approach give our clients a tailored solution every time.
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Bringing people together...

Our dedicated team will manage all aspects of your community; from website design and build through to content planning and engagement.
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Voice of the Customer

Loud and clear…

Real time voices of customers, employees and market trends dovetail to deliver an holistic business view, effectively presented. It makes the unknown known.
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There is always something new...

We have been collecting data online for many years now, and constantly finding better ways to do it is part of what drives us.
We complete hundreds of thousands of interviews on desktop, tablet and mobile devices every year.
With our reaction time testing module, implicit emotional data alongside explicit rational data lets you know what your audience really believes.
Our in-house programming team use new and innovative technologies giving participants an engaging experience, which gives you reliable data.
We have our own proprietary UK panel which, along with our network of partners, means your fieldwork (both UK and international) is in safe hands with us.

This is Bedford calling...

Our company is built on the foundation of trust and quality – it is the bedrock of everything we do. All our interviewers have passed stringent ISO approved training and data security programmes and are subject to on-going monitoring and performance appraisals.
Whether you need a consumer study or a business study, we've covered most sectors and topics since we began collecting data by telephone in 1998.
We conduct thousands of consumer interviews each year from our 120 station web-enabled Bedford call centre. We have a great track record with business to business interviewing too – in fact it has become somewhat of a speciality of ours.
Or maybe you need a hand with a deadline? – We can help by providing manpower to log onto your system to get the job done.

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A clear view of your data is key. Using our leading-edge technology, you can be creative how you choose to interact with it - ask us for a demo. Our team can work with you to design an innovative 'Voice of the Customer' programme, or any other intuitive online report; showing your survey data alongside your internal metrics gives contextual insight. All online reports have access restricted to agreed users, meaning all your data is secure in line with our ISO 27001:2013 accreditation. Whether you require full data tables, an interactive online report, or the coding of verbatim responses we can meet your data reporting needs.

Bringing people together...

Our communities are a private space which gets you closer to your customers. Unlike a social media community, members are recruited especially to take part and so responses are considered, constructive and insightful.
We can also offer fast and efficient turnaround on results using a range of research methodologies run through the community.

Want to establish long-lasting and robust customer relationships? An online research community allows you to do so, whilst simultaneously acquiring valuable customer insight in exchange for physical or virtual rewards.

ICM Direct can build a community which is bespoke to your brand and sampling needs, so get in touch to find out how an online community can work for you.

Voice of the Customer
Loud and clear…

A business is a business when there’s a customer. To listen to your customers is to know them; and knowing your customers is knowing your business.
Your front line employees hear them loud and clear, so the information they can give you about your business is invaluable.
What do your customers say about you? How do they say it and in what context? VoC consolidates these streams to give you that holistic business view.
Real time information in an easy to use bespoke programme means relevant stakeholders are never behind the curve.

and security

We are one of only 5 UK market research companies accredited to both:

  • ISO 20252 (the International Standard for Market Research) 
  • ISO 27001 (the International Information and Data Security Standard)

We work to two standards in one integrated Business Management System regulated by continuous internal audits, regular management reviews and comprehensive staff awareness sessions.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (No. Z5242749) with respect to the Data Protection Act 1998.

We are happy to share elements of our processes and procedures on the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we welcome audits by appropriate third parties.

No data collected and processed by us ever leaves the UK, except at the express request of the client. Participant data is also never passed on to a client without the participant's informed consent.

We are a Market Research Society Company (MRS) Partner and are proud to carry its FairData mark.

ISO 27001 ISO20252


Fair Data



Our People

...who make it all possible

Neil Sykes

Neil Sykes
Managing Partner

Neil has worked in most areas of market research operations; from interviewing to coding to programming and processing. He has worked at ICM Direct since 2001 adding quality standards and resource management to his skill set before being promoted to the board in 2012.
Mona Blaute

Mona Blaute
Deputy Managing Partner

Mona joined ICM Direct in 2002 as its first ever project manager, later going on to lead a team of project managers and the telephone operation. She has an in-depth understanding of a client's requirements and our internal feasibilities. She heads our delivery team ensuring your project remains on schedule.
Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy
Head of Online Operations

Pat has overall responsibility for online developments at ICM Direct, including our bespoke UK access panel, newvista. Previously a client development director at a major panel supplier, he gained a firm grounding in key account management, panel solutions and community building.
Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca Brooks
Head of Project Management

Rebecca has worked in market research operations for over 10 years gaining experience in diverse sectors from retail, to technology and finance. She runs our project management team; and is our resident specialist in the delivery of Voice of the Customer programmes.

What our clients

Say About Us

ICM Direct provides us with a high quality service and has done so consistently over several years. The team is responsive and we know we can rely on it to deliver on time. Regular communication at all stages of a project keeps us informed of progress and gives us reassurance that we are in safe hands.

Jane Rudling, Managing Director, Marketing Sciences Unlimited

ICM Direct continue to demonstrate expertise around reaching and engaging with difficult reach senior business and HNWI via multi-mode interviewing techniques. One key strength has been to outline and implement a programme of initiatives to better engage with challenging niche B2B and B2C audiences. "A great team to work with."

Hilary Barden, Head of Research, Bauer Media

and in numbers...

824,878 Surveys completed
790 Completed Projects
2 MRS Operations Awards
738,194 Surveys completed
692 Completed Projects
1 MRS Operations Awards

+44 (0)20 7428 7870


ICM Direct, Creston House, 10 Great Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9NB

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Called by us?

ICM Direct is commissioned to conduct thousands of telephone surveys every year by a wide range of clients who are looking to gather opinions of the population at large or their own customers in particular. Our interviewers are trained to be professional at all times and are given a large range of information to help them deal with any questions that may arise during the course of our surveys and the telephone calls we make.  However, questions may arise after the call has ended, or you may want to comment or make a complaint.

Information and explanations are given below for some of the most common questions asked of us. If you need to contact anyone at ICM Direct as a result of a call we have made, please email calledbyus@icm-direct.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

We called you recently and you have a complaint or query
When we make calls we always present a Caller Line Identification (CLI) number – the main number we will use is 0345 337 3183. If you are receiving calls from other numbers, these will be originating from companies that we have no connection with.

If you do not want us to call you again please email calledbyus@icm-direct.com giving details of your number and ideally the date/time we called. We will add your number to our Do Not Call list to ensure you are not called again by us – this is usually done within 1 working day but may take up to 2 working days. In all cases we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Please be assured we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 as a Data Controller and any numbers you supply to us will be stored only so that we do not call these numbers in future. We will never pass your number to anyone else and can also add mobile numbers or landline numbers to our Do Not Call list.

Further to this, ICM never associate your personal data with the answers you supply to questionnaires without first obtaining your informed consent.  This means that we will tell you at the beginning of a survey exactly what we plan to do with the information we collect and give you the option to opt out. ICM will only store your data for the period of time required for the project.

Will ICM Direct share my information with anyone else?

We will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies). No data collected by ICM is stored outside the UK. 
Where did you get my telephone number from?
There are 2 main ways in which we may have obtained your telephone number:
  • We are often commissioned by companies to conduct surveys on their behalf with their customers. This ensures an independent, unbiased approach to collecting opinions and helps companies get an accurate picture of their customers’ views. In such cases we would have been passed customer details by the company commissioning the research
  • Some clients want their surveys to be nationally or regionally representative of the population. In such cases we will have randomly generated your phone number through a widely used Market Research method called Random Digit Dialling. This means we take a “seed” number, that isn’t called, and then change the last digit to create new numbers. For example, 020 7428 7870 would be changed to 020 7428 7871, 7872, 7873, etc. Because these numbers are generated randomly we hold no personal information related to them. Indeed, until we call these numbers we do not know if they exist as live telephone numbers. 
Why do you call me when I am registered with the Telephone Preference Service/TPS?
ICM does not sell or market any products – the purpose of our calls is always for research, the answers to which are completely confidential and only ever passed on to clients in an aggregate form. As a market research company conducting surveys, ICM Direct is exempt from TPS guidelines as TPS was set up to allow registration by those who do not wish to receive sales and marketing calls. This is stated in the letter TPS send out to all those who register with them: “Your TPS registration will not stop calls from companies involved in market research…”

The TPS website also states the following in its FAQ section:
"Telephone Preference Service (TPS) aims to reduce live direct marketing calls and is unable to stop calls from organisations who are conducting research. Genuine research calls are not deemed as direct marketing as they generally relate to information gathering or seeking of opinions whereas the purpose of a direct marketing call would be to sell or market a product or service. 
If you want to stop these calls you will need to contact the companies that make them directly or inform the caller that the call and any future calls from them is not welcomed."
If you want to register with TPS to prevent sales or marketing calls please follow this link: http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/. TPS is a free service.
Why did you call me in the first place?
ICM Direct is commissioned to conduct research by a very wide range of organisations, including amongst others: political parties, charities, newspapers, local authorities, government departments and a wide range of businesses.

All these organisations share the same need of finding out what people think so that they can better move their organisations forward – this is the ultimate reason for them to commission research and the reason we will have called you.
Company Information
Company Registration No: 3543454
Data Controller Registration No: Z5242749
Quality certification: ISO 20252 (certificate number GB13/90735).
Information Security certification: ISO 27001 (certificate number GB13/90735).